To produce brilliance, one must sometimes find inspiration from the world around you…

Our creative director @neelreel finds his inspiration #fantasy #buildinpublic
The entire company just watched an early version of our game trailer for the first time.

It sent chills down spines across three time zones.

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This one's a couple months old. Just us exploring styles and designs in a rapid way.

#Azrarejects #buildinpublic
This is an #azrarejects from the early days (all those 2 months ago) when we were exploring a gladiators/fantasy with a techno flair.

Another round of Azradome exploration. Most of these were rejected, but one with elements of another went on for further exploration. Can you guess which?

#Azrarejects #Buildinpublic
"Guys, this is cool but lets make our first set of playable races a little more relatable." ~Mark Otero

#Azrarejects #buildinpublic
When making a game, a lot of time is spent looking for something that fits the vision. Not everything makes the final cut, even though some of them we absolutely love.

This is part of discipline of game making. #buildinpublic #azrarejects
We #buildinpublic, which means we can admit that our COO @SonnyMayugba is not above sipping the devil's elixer to make it though another long humpday.

Crytpo startups never sleep, and we're not as young as we used to be, so sometimes we need a little help.
It’s a TIE!

The Community has spoken.
#5 & #7 prototypes revealed.
Appreciate everyone who voted!

Good news - it’s Concept Reveal Friday!

Which PFP should we show next?? Hmmm? 🤔

Hit REPLY with your VOTE. When this gets to 50 likes we’ll reveal.
@JamesMurlin is just PUMPING OUT sick concept art! Here are some of the best among dozens he's made. None of these made the final cut.

[Postcard from the Azra Games Onsite #2]

Dear Fam,

On Day 3 of INTENSE, energizing discussions of the UNIVERSE we are BUILDING. Our NFTs will have substantial utility for owners and buyers.

Thinking of YOU!
We are Azra Games. We know how to make AAA games. And we #buildinpublic.

Join us for our AMA today @ 2pm. Join us on discord.

And when you hear our battlecry: I AM AZRA

You answer: Az am I
At Azra, we #buildinpublic. Hang out in our Discord and you'll get to know our team. Not just our community team, but our artists, game designers, and engineers. And even our CEO. We're on this journey with you.

Game Designer Kyle Delong’s favorite game right now is Elden Ring - and his weapon of choice is the Grafted Greatsword!

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The founders showing their rapid decision making skills & ability to find the right person for the job. @SOLBigBrain

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Clay Merritt, @tokenmaster1123, is our tokenomics expert, has been working hard on our models. @SOLBigBrain

#AMA #buildinpublic
Yohan Kim fresh off the mic. Yet another big brain that this team is blessed to have! @SOLBigBrain

#AMA #Buildinpublic
Michael Noriega (Game Director), Dave Gibbons (Art Director), Nathaniel Fong (Design Director). @SOLBigBrain

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