Today is a momentous day for the pod @mynocodestory - 10k downloads!!

A huge thank you to #NoCode fam for all the support!

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So many people sharing their impressive achievements on #BuildinPublic!!

But people also want to know where you slipped up.

Which led me to discover #FailinPublic - what a gem!!
Announcement Time!! 🚀🚀

After almost a year of sticking with a basic 2-page website, I'm excited to share a huge update to

With individual pages per episode, full transcripts and a brand new newsletter experience!

Check it out!

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What are you building with #NoCode this weekend?

I'll go first - building V2.0 of the @MyNoCodeStory website with individual episode pages and a new look!

@zapier Thanks for making it this far!!

Have you use any other constraints effectively? Let me know with a reply!

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Who are some #NoCode makers who are sharing their challenges in public? #buildinpublic
Focus on the problem you want to solve, not the tool.

So what problem are you solving this weekend?

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After 60+ episodes of @MyNoCodeStory, here are the 5 Types of NoCoders I've come across:

1. Creators / Makers
2. Freelancers
3. Automators
4. Enterprise NoCoders
5. Founders

Do you agree and are there others you've come across?

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If you're into #NoCode or #Buildinpublic, make sure to check out the "NoCode Storybook" newsletter.

This edition featured NoCoders @NeilRyanPierce and @hdkstr for showing the rest of us how to monetize with #NoCode tech.

Check it out!!…
What are you making with #NoCode tools this weekend??

Here's your chance to tell the world about your project. #Buildinpublic Go!


14 NEW 5-star reviews?

Just when I needed a pick me up - here's what some amazing real people have said about the pod (mostly in June)!!

A huge HUGE thank you to those who took the time to write a review!!

@MyNoCodeStory @fannin_seth

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I would highly recommend anyone that's interested in #NoCode or #BuildinPublic go check out @nocode_weekend!!

They organize a free weekend hackathon where you could go from idea to mvp/app over a weekend. Happening this weekend!

You don't need to do everything on Day 1.

Here's my timeline with @mynocodestory

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Starting a @Youtube channel for the podcast has given me a renewed appreciation for video content creators!

Video export alone requires a different level of patience... how do you guys do it?

Appreciate the white-space.

Very often inspiration strikes in the space between doing stuff.

Embrace this, share your inspiration, and make it count!

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These unsolicited words of encouragement always make my day!

Thank you, ⁦@DanKulkov⁩ - Much appreciated!

⁦@fannin_seth⁩ ⁦@MyNoCodeStory⁩

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Just uploaded the video interview with @vensykrishna on YT.

Excited to add our back catalog of 50+ #NoCode #podcast episodes on Youtube over the coming weeks!!

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@MyNoCodeStory @fannin_seth…
What are you going to build this weekend?

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How many of you actually took a break this year?

And what did you do with it?

Inspire someone who might need the nudge with your story!

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