#buildinpublic is the best way to market

- Approaching the right people
- Marketing doesn't feel like marketing
- Create content while your build
- Everyone learns from the process

- Time taking

Would you build your product in public after this??
@SamRConsulting Even though I'm still experimenting, My most successful templates are #buildinpublic works both for free and paid templates and anything for that matter.…
@NotionHQ @mockupworld @freepik @originalmockups @gumroad @notionery @GetPrototion @NotionFamily @NotionUtopia @notionway 7. Ways to market it?

There could be a lot of ways to market it.

Although, there are 2 ways that worked for me.

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Here are they πŸ‘‡
My brother is building a drawing in #buildinpublic

I'm super excited for him. Check him out πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡
Day 3 of #buildinpublic

Here's the day 3 progress of this drawing.

Today everything went smoothly, the mid muscular guy was looking a bit weird so completed it first and then the girl in the bottom ig now the two somewhat hard ones are left

Follow me to follow the journey
It took me 4 months to gain 20 followers and an another month to make my first $$ online selling @NotionHQ templates on @gumroad

Today is 1st year anniversary on this journey

Stop worrying about the growth and don't quit ever

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I'm just 15 years old and today I have crossed $3000 in revenue selling @NotionHQ templates on @Gumroad.

I'm building a β€œnot so usual guide” filled with tactics that got me sales πŸš€

Let me know if you guys/gals are interested πŸ‘‡

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Passive Income in action πŸ”₯

$500 in a month selling @NotionHQ templates on @gumroad without actually creating any.

How to do it?
βœ… Resell your templates
βœ… Market often
βœ… Promote yourself

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Super excited to start building again...
@NotionHQ @notionery @YouTube @milanoteapp 4. Building Notion templates

βœ“ Content Creation Hub Task List:

βœ“ @Loom or @ShareX: Record as you create (#buildinpublic)

βœ“ 3d Icons ( or @icons_8: For icons

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Morning Fam πŸ”†

Gonna be working on setting up highlights for the day for the Morning Dump @notionhq template.

Inspired from Make Time

#buildinpublic #notion #notiontemplate #notiontwt
I have forever wanted to have a system to dump my morning thoughts and ideas.

I created one a little while back, but it needs improvements and through this week I'm going to build it and share it with you guys.

It's #buildinpublic time ⚑
Morning Fam β˜€οΈ

New day! New Home! New #buildinpublic journey starting today 🀩
@HelloKade @NotionHQ @gumroad For me, I've always shared Notion template that starts from oh! I want that on Notion. That's a pretty good idea let's make it a template.

One of the reasons why I love #buildinpublic. So, in this process, I explore a lot of things and build according to my knowledge.
I'm just 15 years old and today I earned $2500 from selling @NotionHQ templates on @gumroad.

How I got here?
βœ… Just get started
βœ… Learn from others
βœ… Money shouldn't be the only reason

How to get here faster?
️⬜️ Being consistent

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Morning Fam β˜€οΈ

Another #buildinpublic journey starting today. This is going to be my final of completing my website.

#website #webdesign #webdev

Goal of the week β†’ Complete my @NotionHQ website
It took me 8 months to make my first $1000.
It took me 2 months to make another $1000.

Money compounds πŸ“ˆ

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Building my personal website in #buildinpublic

The break got me a lot of time to think about my personal website and believe it or not I'm almost done.

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Here's a preview:-
Day 2 of building my website in #buildinpublic

I have been thinking about what to put next to the heading and this is what I thought at the end 🧐

What do you guys think??

#design #notion #uidesign
Morning Fam β˜€οΈ

Working on creating my personal website on @wix. Just the day 1.

#design #nocode #website #buildinpublic

Looks super cool to me. What do you think?
Check out his #buildinpublic journey & learn how to create designs for your next @NotionHQ template πŸ‘‡
What an exciting time to be alive!

In a few minutes, as soon as my wife heads to Costco, I'm going to embark on my first build-in-public experiment:

How to make slick product mockups, w/ only freeware, using my Podcast planning template as the test case.
An experimental move towards creating a personal @NotionHQ Brand on Twitter.