Day 2 of #buildinpublic for personal brand dashboard! 🌞

Fine-tuning elements!

Each element comes with a brief description, a few tips, and a personal brand sample of yours truly (Surprise!) with a bit of expose.

Elements may also have sub-elements.

Elementception? 🧐
Day 1 of #buildinpublic for personal branding checklist.

I brain dumped a bunch of elements and sorted them into categories.

I plan on cross listing elements to maximize efficiency and the ways our brains work.
πŸ•ŠοΈ I’m creating a checklist in @NotionHQ for crafting your personal brand.

I’m building in public from start to finish. 🚦 #buildinpublic

I’ll be documenting my journey here πŸ‘‡
45 followers to 3k 🌷

What are you waiting for? 🧐

Follow @ikoichi to join the #buildinpublic journey of @HivoeHQ !
My goal is to reach 3k followers by the end of the month.

What do you think?

Is it doable?
@JannisBetschki @christinetrac1 You could say... I'm a cheerleader... 😏

Give us a B!
Give us a UI!
Give us an L!
Give us a D!

What's that spell? #buildinpublic ! Whoo, yeah! Go, Tweeters, go! πŸ’–
My first step for building a startup, is announcing on #buildinpublic that I'm doing things & stuff and gauging reactions.

What's your first step?
What will be your first step in building the startup?
@onurgenes @lizmhermann jeje

Ask Twitter when you're stuck.

That's what #buildinpublic is for.

Some of their customers are looking for things they have no intention of implementing.

Because we can never please everyone.

You just need to niche down on the ones you can please that they can't.

Top 3 projects for #buildinpublic...

β˜•οΈ Coffee Bar in Notion
πŸ•―οΈ Living Intentionally Newsletter
🌍 LENORE Community

πŸ‘‡ Keep reading...
I'm having Twitter post anxiety.

I want to tell you what I am working on for #buildinpublic, and do it right.

Then I realise the only wrong way is to not tell you!

So here's a quick summary to get the ball rolling...

Drafting my About Me page for my website... this is definitely too wordy and needs major revision, but holy fuck I'm crying. πŸ₯Ί

Shout out to #chronicillness who decide to work for themselves. πŸ₯³ We got this! 🌸

There's been some talk about CTA buttons this weekend. (Thank you, @tomfallowfield!)

What do you use to build your website?

🧐 Tell me your secrets.

#buildinpublic 🌸
What kinds of things do you #buildinpublic?

πŸ™‚ Steal my heart and I'll give you a retweet. 😘