@sleepless_fox Two converts in one day to the church of #buildinpublic

6 new sign ups in the last 24 hours πŸ‘€

And just 6 shy of 100 users!
It's been two weeks since @NotechAna and I launched @WizenGuides on Product Hunt.

So... how's it going?

Sharing our async-meeting notes #buildinpublic style.

Here's the agenda:
Location, education, pedigree, and demographics don't matter when there are no gatekeepers.

Not aware of any big subreddits.

See instead:


#buildinpublic here on Twitter

and of course @indie_worldwide
@RicardoRojoR I post them here on Twitter, my original February goal was $5k which seems very over-optimistic now! #buildinpublic
@jamaruuuu @chyrpio Twitter-based tool and you're just starting out... put all your efforts into Twitter-based marketing!


Be the reply guy all day long on popular accounts in your niche.

Write great threads, tag people (sparingly), and get into everyone's DM's.
Recording from part two of the Indie Worldwide #buildinpublic webinar with @noahwbragg
Noah Bragg - Building in public on Twitter
Part 1 of our 2-part #buildinpublic webinar, RSVP πŸ‘‡
2-part #BuildInPublic Webinar, tomorrow!

Part 1: Building live on Twitch Q&A w/ @roxkstar74…
Hosting a 2-part #buildinpublic webinar on Thursday w/ @noahwbragg & @roxkstar74 and I'll be live tweeting the process here πŸ‘‡
Growth of Founders' Club since we started charging for it 7 months ago.

Active members: 65
Paying: 40
ARR: $3,669.……
Today starts my #buildinpublic challenge, going to be working on my next project from the first line of code until launch and documenting it all right here πŸ§‘β€πŸ’»
@noahwbragg Thanks Noah! Took a real big spoonful of inspiration from your #buildinpublic tweets.
Things I've built and launched in the last 12 months 🧡

my #buildinpublic receipts
My strategy for growth:

1. #buildinpublic
2. Launch frequently
3. Subtweet conversations from @indie_worldwide
2 wks into Corey's Twitter Challenge, here are the people who have grown the most. 🀯

@jmoserr 30%
@mkhundmiri 24%
@AlexLlullTW 18%
@AlbanBrooke 16%
@cathrynlavery 16%
@AnthonyCastrio 16%
@ImSamThompson 15%
@growthcurrency 15%
@tibo_maker 13%
@claire_emerson_ 13%

11 wks to go!