@levelsio see also:

β€’Β Snapchat filters
β€’Β every industry award ever
β€’Β "best of" lists
β€’ #buildinpublic tools like ChartMogul
β€’Β "hot or not" type apps
In the last three months I grew from 4,737 to 7,865 followers on Twitter (⏫60%).


β€’Β Tweet daily
β€’Β #buildinpublic
β€’Β Send 20+ replies per day
β€’Β Analyze what's working, do more of that

There will be neither a course nor an e-book, sorry.
@BenjaminHouy It's been helpful seeing from other #buildinpublic founders that it's a general trend and not necessarily a personal failure.

So many people on vacation and enjoying the last of summer (as they should).

Soon the weather will get colder and people will become goal focused again.
Just updated my #buildinpublic profile banner.

πŸ“ I'm in Lisbon, Portugal for the next month
πŸ’Έ Currently at $1500 MRR subscription revenue
πŸ“Έ Photo ft @wbepodcast
I passed 7,000 Twitter followers today.

If you like my content then here are 7 other people with less than 5,000 followers who you should follow too.

Building in public is a good way to fight shiny-object syndrome.

The constant loop of build, launch, & receive feedback helps fill that dopamine pit up.

@ikoichi Thanks Luca 🀩

It’s been helpful for me as well.

Posting frequent updates is keeping me on track and fights my natural tendency to project-hop to the next new thing.
@sleepless_fox Two converts in one day to the church of #buildinpublic

6 new sign ups in the last 24 hours πŸ‘€

And just 6 shy of 100 users!
It's been two weeks since @NotechAna and I launched @WizenGuides on Product Hunt.

So... how's it going?

Sharing our async-meeting notes #buildinpublic style.

Here's the agenda:
Location, education, pedigree, and demographics don't matter when there are no gatekeepers.

Not aware of any big subreddits.

See instead:


#buildinpublic here on Twitter

and of course @indie_worldwide
@RicardoRojoR I post them here on Twitter, my original February goal was $5k which seems very over-optimistic now! #buildinpublic
@jamaruuuu @chyrpio Twitter-based tool and you're just starting out... put all your efforts into Twitter-based marketing!


Be the reply guy all day long on popular accounts in your niche.

Write great threads, tag people (sparingly), and get into everyone's DM's.
Hosting a 2-part #buildinpublic webinar on Thursday w/ @noahwbragg & @roxkstar74 and I'll be live tweeting the process here πŸ‘‡
Today starts my #buildinpublic challenge, going to be working on my next project from the first line of code until launch and documenting it all right here πŸ§‘β€πŸ’»