02/12 Update: Fixed a UX/UI issue and added functionality to edit user's profile. Began working on user's Avatar handling. There are now 18 APIs.
I'm learning a lot building @Pettrs_App and having a lot of fun with it too!

Registration for Early Access is still open at I really hope I can get 25 sign ups before launch, which is currently scheduled for December 13th (subject to change)!

Thank you everyone for your support and encouragement! You're awesome!

Today's progress on @Pettrs_App features users being able to update their account settings and preferences, and seeing their notifications. Didn't get to finish DMs, due to the PHP Class issue I mentioned earlier, but hey. Onwards and upwards!

Today's plan of action for @Pettrs_App:

🐢 Implement Account Settings
🐱 Finish Implementing DMs
🐹 Finish Implementing Notifications - notifications send, but the user doesn't receice them yet 🐾

Ambitious, but that's the plan!

Today has been a good day for @Pettrs_App! I've functionally completed most of the user actions (posting, commenting, etc), and began working on user settings. That will take maybe 2 days to finish, but I seem to be on track with getting it ready before Christmas!
Today at @Pettrs_App HQ, I hope to implement DMs and begin Account Settings. There's a lot to this one: change username, email, password, bio, [REDACTED], avatar, privacy and notification settings, etc, so probably (read definitely) won't finish today πŸ˜…

Very pleased with the progress I've made with @Pettrs_App! Users can now click on another user and view their profile and their posts, though private posts or users will be hidden unless you're allowed to view them. It's a small fix but really enhances it!

I'm working on @Pettrs_App - really hope to go live in the next few weeks!
This year, remember, a dog is for life, not just for Christmas.

Share your festive pet pics at - sign up now for early access.

Because they make life better.
Today has been a bit chaotic with @Pettrs_App, but I've fixed a bunch of issues that were plaguing it, and finally got round to finishing the "explore" page, which shows off all public posts, and created notifications.

Of course there's now new bugs to fix πŸ˜…

Plan of action for today:
Search - users can search for other users, tags, or subjects.
Plan of action for the weekend:
Companions - Users can add companions who can be tagged in pictures and videos. This should be a fun feature, with more details to follow.