Looking back on 2022, I learned valuable lessons that helped me become wiser.

Creating a 2022 lessons thread to look back in the future.

I'll keep adding to it over the next 2 weeks 🗓

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@100daysnocode Build Weekend

+ Single-person prototype is ✅
+ Plan upgrade to multi-user DB ✅

+ Front end upgrade
+ Testing with 3 alpha users
+ Figure out why PWA is being temperamental 😔
+ Demo w @thefernandocz sparked fresh copy idea

#buildinpublic ♥️☕
48 hours of #NoCode Building Fun 🥳

Wishing all my fellow #100DaysOfNoCode the best!

Hope to share updates as I progress along

If you're not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you've launched too late. @reidhoffman

I'd like to extend this to landing pages too!

+ 12 signups
+ Received +ive and +ive feedback on design, pricing, copy, demo 🤯

Gold dust @ prelaunch

#BuildInPublic ♥️
+ Build weekend is almost here

+ Building an MVP for Fleeting Note, a side project born from my pain

+ Link:

+ Early feedback from the raw demo is encouraging ♥

+ Opening up to Alpha users soon! Sign up if you want to try it out!

Day 15-17 #buildinpublic

+ Made good progress with MVP reading material.
+ Only just scratched the tip of the #nocode iceberg
+ More reading, more reps in December
+ Landing page is up! Yay!

Day 10-14 #buildinpublic

+ Behind on the MVP Bootcamp. IRL commitments took priority the last few days.

+ For MVP, created a prototype which I have been using for myself. Raw. Looking to alpha launch in the build weekend this week

+ 2022 is "fleeting" 😉

What's the most essential building block of a landing page trying to validate ideas with potential customers?

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Day 8/9 #buildinpublic

° Playing catch up with study, work and forward planning 😓

° Taking mentoring and coaching more seriously, switching from informal to formal engagements. Applied to a few places as well, awaiting replies
Day 7 of #BuildInPublic

Gloomy weather all day, but at least the team did well #ItsComingHome 🤞🏼

°@airtable is a beast, and [email protected] us into its belly. 👾Need to work through the challenges in post-session notes to reinforce learning.

Day 6 of #BuildInPublic

Beautiful Sunday with the kiddies 🥰

But no rest for the wicked 😜

° Pivoted MVP idea for the bootcamp: Quick notes. Scratch my itch ☺️

° So, stopped work on previous landing page copy. Target tomm evening for new landing page

@Subconscious_VC Show Your Work by @austinkleon

If there was ever a must read for the #buildinpublic movement, it is this book!
Day 5 of #BuildInPublic

° Playing catch up with the @softr_io 30 day challenge

° Thoughts centered on repurposing the community template + stripe + user groups

° Love that I can create a mobile app out of the box 🤩

@softr_io @100daysnocode @TraceyMinutolo @lexfridman @chamath 📕 Reading Show your work by @austinkleon
"Make stuff you love and talk about stuff you love, and you'll attract people who love that kind of stuff. It's that simple."

This is the most beautiful definition of #BuildInPublic I have seen thus far ❤
Day 5 of #BuildInPublic


• Two user interviews. I spoke about both UKVCs and Microjournal and received more interest in the latter 🤔
• Pushing landing page copy to the weekend
• Exploring multi-user apps on @softr_io; custom styling is a challenge.

@100daysnocode @NotionHQ 4/4

✅API assignment complete; @hoppscotch_io is new, need to explore


✔Locked in the domain for personal www

🔸Testing different builders for a super quick build @carrd @biodotlink @Pineapplebuild1

Onwards & Upwards 🚀

#100DaysOfNoCode #BuildInPublic
@100daysnocode 3/4


✅Created a Task Tracker in @NotionHQ

✅Notion is a super powerful tool for creating tools 🤯

✅Need to start thinking in terms of blocks, pages & databases, the language of Notion #NoteToSelf Lots of reps required 😓

#100DaysOfNoCode #BuildInPublic
@100daysnocode 2/4

⚠ Not convinced that the current feature set is a painkiller problem 😐

⚠ Need to think carefully about the scope to complete in 3.5 weeks

🔹Idea of creating a public #buildinpublic journal is also appealing. Test the waters with fellow nocoders 🤔


Day 4 of #BuildInPublic with @100daysnocode Bootcamp


🔹1 User interview. Matchmaking, founder-investor fit and thesis, big concern 🤔

🔸Landing page copy in progress, interesting discussions and insights on slack on the topic, timely

@100daysnocode 2/3


✅No session, refreshing API concepts

🔸API assignment pending, will tackle tomorrow

🔸Excited to use APIs w #NoCode, new ideas emerge 🤯

😂Surprised to see so many Dad joke APIs

📅Tomorrow: We build a Task Tracker✔

#100DaysOfNoCode #BuildInPublic
@100daysnocode 3/3


✔Locked in the domain for personal www

❌Porting existing site and portfolio setup: Not Yet Started

Onwards & Upwards 🚀

#100DaysOfNoCode #BuildInPublic