Unpopular question!

Do you know when is the best time to reach your audience ?

πŸ“’ Ready to take your startup to the next level?

Share your story and vision with your followers!

Authenticity is key, so be genuine and highlight the value you bring to the table.

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Do you use email newsletters? How effective are?

There is no more powerful motivator to reach your goals than making them public.

If you clearly tell other people what you are setting out to accomplish - be it friends, family - their awareness of your progress creates an incredible sense of accountability.

Is there a tool to create small animations for MVP concepts ?

I think it'll help me present the product to my audience as I'm looking at its potential.

Thanks for sharing!
πŸ“ Here's my checklist for launching a successful MVP 🧡

Have I missed anything ? πŸ€”

Indie Hackers,

Our colleague @DmytroKrasun has launched his newest product on PH today.

ScreenshotOne is super interesting, handles screenshots of any websites in any dimension without ads via API.

Any support counts! πŸš€
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πŸ₯Ί Friends, ScreenshotOne is on Product Hunt today πŸš€

I decided to launch yesterday. It is total improvisation without any preparation πŸ™ˆ

Every vote and reply countsβ€”any support is appreciated ❀️

🀩 Let's see what kind of beast this Product Hunt is.…
Birdesk v3 MVP front-end bundle size looking gooooood 😎

πŸ’‘ Working in the tech industry ?

Explain it with 5 emoji πŸ‘‡

✍️ Birdesk v3 update. [@Birdesk_HQ]

Change of priorities.
I will go further with the MVP of Birdesk v3.

βœ… MVP back-end ready
⬜️ MVP front-end in progress
⬜️ Run tests
⬜️ Validation

Database factory has enough integrations for now.
⬜️ DynamoDB - on hold

#buildinpublic #UPDATE
✍️ Birdesk v3 update. [@Birdesk_HQ]

As I decided to put on hold Birdesk v3 due to yet unkown Twitter API fees, I continued working on the database factory by adding more providers.

βœ… Firebase

βœ… Firestore

βœ… Supabase

βœ… MongoDB

Next is

⬜️ DynamoDB

#buildinpublic #UPDATE
Why wait to launch a complete product when you can get early feedback on your MVP? πŸš€

Is having a huge following really better than having a smaller, but highly engaged and targeted one? πŸ€”

Let's hear your thoughts!

Just spent last night coding. I got the right inspiration, felt to go for it.

I have this boost every now and then, but when you have it grab and fructify. πŸ’»βœ¨

As a solopreneur you can take a break, but not this century!🀣

If you start a product looking for money πŸ’Έ you're in a wrong direction.

Provide added value, help that niche and consider feedback as gold. πŸ—οΈ

Products are many, helpful are few. πŸ™

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Being dependent on a provider means that you're product is dependent on a third-party making unexpected decisions, without notice and whenever they feel so.

By being a provider means you're the πŸ‘‘ king of your kingdom 🏰

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πŸ› οΈAs you probably know, I've put on hold @Birdesk_HQ v3 development until Twitter will decide on the API.

πŸ’‘ Meanwhile I want to take on a parallel challenge I've been thinking about for a while now, will share more details this week.

✍️ Birdesk v3 update. [@Birdesk_HQ]

Milestone completed πŸŽ‰
βœ… Project backbone structure

Last milestone from Sprint 1
🎯Login w/ Twitter logic
⬜️ Oauth 1.0a
⬜️ OAuth 2.0 User Context
⬜️ Oauth 2.0 Bearer Token
⬜️ Unit tests

#buildinpublic #UPDATE
πŸ”‘ Consistency is key when it comes to building a strong online presence.

Whether it's posting regularly or engaging with your audience, being consistent can help you reach a wider audience and build a loyal following.

πŸ’» Anyone building image to text SaaS ? πŸ€”

πŸ’»πŸŽ MacBook


πŸ’» πŸͺŸ Windows laptop❓

Which one would you choose and why πŸ‘‡