We broke 650 Music Creators on our Beta this past week, resulting in a 15% weekly user growth rate.
Key drivers:
- social is performing well (CPL ↘️, conversion ↗️)
- organic is up ↗️
- referrals are ↗️

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Startup emotional rodeo episode of the day:
- ↗️ great call with fellow founders
- ↘️ bug with the platform
- ↗️ get news of PR coming next week
- ↘️ delay product update to users
- ↗️ investor call goes really well
…time to go stretch my legs on a walk!

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This week we reached 500 users on

It’s humbling to think that we’re already helping over 500 music creators with the admin & paperwork side of creating content!

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Super psyched about this weeks numbers!

Last week was our slowest week with user growth just under 10% (apparently that’s not bad at all, but… hi there high expectations 👋🏼)

Yet this week, half way through it & we’re already at 15% growth!
Let’s goooooo! 🚀

Another great week for

- 19% user growth compare to last week!
- 89% of our users have used Reveel to find missing royalties.
- 67% of them have found missing royalties!

Let’s get creators paid!💰
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Just over a week ago, we broke 200 creators on Reveel.
Now we’re passed 300! 🚀

Time to fundraise? 🤔

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Pumped! Our conversion rate (lead-to-user) is... wait for it... 24.5%!

We took the time to really understand our target audience, their needs & motivations, and it's paying off!

I'm really proud of the team for the great work!

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Reveel hit 200 users this weekend! 🎉

Super proud of the @ReveelMusic team for the amazing efforts these past weeks
- opened our beta
- learned how to attract our initial niche
- activating over 20% of our leads!!

Let’s go! 🚀

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We hit +50% user growth last week, again!

There something insanely exciting & humbling about having people trust in what you’re building!

If you know musicians, send them our way to automate their paperwork with @ReveelMusic

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A month ago: <10 pilot users.
Now: >100 creators on the platform.

Which early stage investors should we start talking to about ?

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4 weeks since launching the Royalty Locator with @ReveelMusic!

The traction is strong! WoW User growth:
Week2: 136.36%
Week3: 138.46%
Week4: 24.19%

And we’re extra proud of our conversion 54% of visitors on the product page become users! 🤯

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.@walidvb we took #buildinpublic to a new level with the garage door open! 🤣
Coworkings are fine, but their is something magical about launching your startup from a garage!

Maybe is the lack of distractions, maybe it’s wanting to move out so bad, maybe it’s just the garage!
It’s been two weeks since we released the Royalty Locator and we’ve already learn so much… That we decided to built another tool for creators to scale their careers. It’s gonna drop veeeeery soon!

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Collecting all your Music Royalties was really confusing... until now!

Welcome to our Royalty Locator - an easy way to understand what royalties you can claim and where to get them!
Today’s calls

Artist manager: “I really want it, like yesterday!”
Label owner: “We’re definitely interested to use this platform for our music!”
Producer manager: “Damn, I’ve been needing this!”

Startup life is hard, but the reward is worth it! 🤗

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Who’s building in public? When did they start? How much do they share?
So many questions! #BuildInPublic