Planning on having a newsletter for my upcoming side project, which tool/service would you recommend to manage it?

I had lost my passion for SQL after using Mongo for so long but @gc_psk's @makerkit_dev and @supabase have made it pretty fun to use again!

I'm sick and tired of not knowing which part of my RLS policy is breaking the request @supabase.

Why can't we have something like this? 😨😮‍💨😕🥹

I made a @Wise and @Payoneer account to receive payments from foreign clients.

Here's my experience:
- Payonner payment was on 31st, I haven't received it yet, still under review.
- Wise sent me the payment within an hour or two.

Which service do you use? 🤔

Since last week, I've increased my interactions and impressions by over 100-200x by just being more active and sharing what I do!

Twitter's algorithm has also played a part in how I used Twitter 😉

If I could replace useEffect with setInterval, you bet your hat I would 😤🥹

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I just figured out, you can force a `mutate` on SWR's keys to forcibly refresh data when you perform an action.

This allows me to do instantaneous component updates for users using @supabase without using realtime!

I'm now a free agent 😉

Quit my 9-5 to start my own company, let's see where we'll end up in a year 😍

Follow me and @TeamClimactic on this journey! ❤️

I was trying to do realtime subscriptions with @supabase and @nextjs 13 with RSC using SWR and couldn't figure out how to re-render with my hook.

Searched and toggled realtime updates on my tables in replication and now it renders any new changes in realtime! 😍

Nokia may not be in the headlines but they've made one of the most pleasant looking UI standard I've seen 🤯

👏 Nokia Design Team 👏

#uiux #branding #buildinpublic
How many of your projects would be live today if you didn't give up while experimenting with new tech? 😅

I'd have over a dozen 😨

As indie hackers working on multiple ideas at the same time, what are your ways to avoid losing focus on the goal? 🤯

Gaming, Netflix, YouTube are such easy distractions. How do you deal with this!? 😲

Founders! I'm just beginning my journey in the SaaS and indie hacking space 😲

I'd love to follow you and your journeys so I can learn and grow with you all ❤️

💬 Reply with what you're building, let's connect! 👋😉

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After 2018, is now finally in the works and getting a makeover!