Issue with Calendly is fixed now.

Using you can control these things of any public webpage:-

✅ Domain and URL.
✅ Branding
✅ SEO tags.
✅ Style and fonts.
✅ Content.
✅ Favicon.
✅ Social preview Image.
✅ Insert CSS / JS .
✅ Add Analytics
✅ Add Chat Widget

User flow for

- Signup / Login
- Verify DNS
- Add domain

- Signup / Login
- Add domain
- Verify DNS

What about?
- Add domain
- Signup / Login
- Verify DNS

Now you can add your domains to without changing the DNS / CNAME 😉

Host any IP address on your own domain.

Useful? works well with these platforms:

✅ @calendly

Will be testing and adding more.

Let me know if you want to check working demo/ examples of any.
Very happy to see that SEO started showing some results.

🎉 Not much, but a good number for a single-page new website.
Added this part to landing page.

🎉 Got 50 people interested in
Will invite them all one by one in next few days.
Do we look ready for an alpha release?