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You need to put in HARD work to become a good developer, period.

If you are lazy and undisciplined

You. Will. Fail.

Tech Twitter likes to remain in the “safe” space, but it just generates a false expectation.
There’s so much more learning
by doing,
by experimenting,
by playing around with the variables,
than just reading about something.

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Marketing hack:

- Create 3-5 video ranging in 10-15 seconds

- Run them as ads within a test

- Take the best performing ad and scale it in LENGTH
Tesco today in Blackpool, England.
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Is it the same in other places?
“🚀 I realized I'm happiest when I'm building things and connecting with others.

I haven't built anything in a while, and it bums me out.

So, what to build?

How about a site for early-stage SaaS founders to find products, deals, agencies, coaches, etc.?

What. A second paying user for #SaaS


This time on the annual plan (50 Credits / mo).

It all happened while I was getting the twins ready for bed.

Honestly, SaaS startups are amazing 💫

$8.66 MRR now, folks 💪😎

“I hesitate no more! 💪

I finally released the first non-beta version of Coolify! 🚀
You can deploy Node.js apps, Static sites, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL, CouchDB with one-click.

What's that? Read in the thread below (or on the link). 👇

“Web Design Process Thread 🚀

I have spent the last week working on systems here is the sequence in which you too can replicate web design delivery

“You can have your completely SaaS product on AWS!

- Auth: Cognito
- Website: Amplify
- Newsletter: PinPoint
- Backend: AppSync
- DB: DynamoDB
- Deployment: Amplify
- Domain: Route53

If you then use Activate credits you can really start risk-free and cost-free.

“I'm writing the models for my booking application. I'll use django-rules for permissions and django-organization to allow professionals to take appointments in locations under control of various organizations. #django #buildinpublic
If you cannot fail, you cannot learn.

Every startup is an experiment. Just build it.

-The Lean Startup
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What's so great about @okhumanapp's #buildinpublic?

Tens of amazing people provided feedback, insights, tips, suggestions and showed support publicly & privately.

All this without ever seeing or using the actual product.


If you build it in public - they will come.
Writing code is about making your computer do what you need.

Writing good code is about enabling teams of strangers 5 years from now to make their computers do what they need.
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We re-built Popper.js from scratch @neat_run. I gained nothing but respect for @FezVrasta.

How (and why) we did it: 👇🧵x7

The beauty of building @questgen_ai in public and building distribution ahead of time is that every week there are 30-35 organic signups without much publicity.

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Day 7 of #100DaysOfCode : JavaScript

Goals --

Dev -
1. Try out CSS Theming and Dark Mode using JS

DSA (in JS) -
1. 3 Questions from 450DSA (Matrix)

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