It is awesome to see how invested some users are in using your SaaS product.

In Deposur a user detected an issue because we couldn't resolve one price. Would have never detected it by ourselves.

User feedback is great!

1 benefit to #buildinpublic that I wasn't aware of before starting:
My perceived sense of risk for "making the wrong move" is lower, because there's the implicit understanding between me and my audience that I'm figuring things out as I go. So I'm more open to trying things out
Going to the basics is the best way to overcome creative blocks.

Here’s my set of actions:

✏️ Draw something random
🗣 Talk with a stranger
🚶🏼 Take a long walk
🔥 Read a story

What’s your approach to this? #buildinpublic
I'm ready to start my #buildinpublic journey (inspired by folks like


). I spent 16+ yrs as a BD & Partnerships leader, and now as a founder/CEO. I've learned tons of hard lessons from both.
I launched a new side project! 🚀. Introducing Community Findr. Find the creative community to fit your journey👇#buildinpublic
Tip for brand new @bubble users: instead of watching YouTube videos on how to build in bubble, do their walk through lessons. Super short each but so helpful #buildinpublic #nocode
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The Web 3.0 space is exploding.

The biggest evidence is in the introduction of community-based NFT marketplaces, DeFi platforms, and other decentralized applications.
Oftentimes, a beginner can teach other beginners much better than an expert. C.S. Lewis calls this the “Curse Of Knowledge.”
When you become such an expert in something, you forget what it’s like to be a beginner.
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You need to put in HARD work to become a good developer, period.

If you are lazy and undisciplined

You. Will. Fail.

Tech Twitter likes to remain in the “safe” space, but it just generates a false expectation.
There’s so much more learning
by doing,
by experimenting,
by playing around with the variables,
than just reading about something.

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Marketing hack:

- Create 3-5 video ranging in 10-15 seconds

- Run them as ads within a test

- Take the best performing ad and scale it in LENGTH
Tesco today in Blackpool, England.
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Is it the same in other places?
“🚀 I realized I'm happiest when I'm building things and connecting with others.

I haven't built anything in a while, and it bums me out.

So, what to build?

How about a site for early-stage SaaS founders to find products, deals, agencies, coaches, etc.?

What. A second paying user for #SaaS


This time on the annual plan (50 Credits / mo).

It all happened while I was getting the twins ready for bed.

Honestly, SaaS startups are amazing 💫

$8.66 MRR now, folks 💪😎