Daily active users on @Peerr_io = 497 (MAU ~ 14k+)

Goal to helping 10/15k+ professionals each month is well on its way

Still have a long way to go before we can actively close the $8.5tn skills gap leveraging the creator economy

Quality > Quantity

As we slowly start to build a team around @Peerr_io I’m starting to realise a few highly-talented individuals are far more better then bringing on lots of people to increase headcount...because it feels like progress

We hit 1000+ peers on @Peerr_io 🚀

More than a 100 in the last few hours alone

Road to 5000 begins!

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Just incase you thought the ‘Exam Mode’ was the only new update for @Peerr_io

We releasing even more 🔥 very soon!

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New Feature Update

Slowly improving @Peerr_io to ensure we offer as much value to our learners as possible

One of the biggest feedback we received was a feature for learners to pool quizzes from educators together to create a 'Mock Exam'

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🤯 @tanjablazin becoming a Super Educator on @Peerr_io


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This is incredible and goes to show how dedicated and passionate the educators on Peerr are, in less than an hour nearly 80 questions have been added!

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Our goal with @Peerr_io is to allow learners to discover and learn directly from their favourite educators

So they are no longer limited to a single institute, geography or extortionate fees

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I have been thinking about how we can reward learners even more on @Peerr_io in addition to the great quizzes available from their favourite educators

Any ideas?

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6 new quizzes have been added on @Peerr_io in the last 24 hours 🙌🏽

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Our journey to making education social is starting to take shape 🙌🏽

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Really enjoying early access to the @Peerr_io platform! Feels great to be supporting educators and seeing all their amazing quizzes already available 🤩

Will be creating my first quiz soon too!
Be ahead of the curve and take advantage of being an early adopter

Last chance to join the @Peerr_io waitlist for early access!

Join now at

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Tomorrow we at @Peerr_io welcome our early users from the waitlist!

If you ever wanted to take up an early mover advantage it's now. You all have something to teach that's of value.

The next access will be public.

✅Welcome email drafted!

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Friday Morning - End of the week

Woke up and saw 10 new quizzes by @Adanofthekhan on @Peerr_io

A great end to a long and gruelling week of Nights 😫

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The future of education will heavily encompass two things:

Curation and Community

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Curation is important for the future of education

Educators will have the opportunity to curate their own profile with content they feel is most valuable for their learners

A space where they are in control and free to express their creativity

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Although it looks super simple, me and @AmzChoudhury spent a long time trying to figure out what is the most seamless and easiest way to help educators create and share quizzes with their fellow peers

Really excited for you all to have a go and start sharing!

Where the magic happens 🧙🏽‍♂️

Introducing your quiz wizard, a seamless and easy to use wizard to help you share your quizzes with as little effort as possible

Educators we really hope you make this process your own!

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