OpenAI code interpreter is really cool. But again I find myself looking for a problem for it to solve rather than solving my actual problems. Anyone else? Would love to hear about preexisting challenges that it helped with.

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Hey #buildinpublic how do you monetize your site?

Ads(if so which provider)❓
Subscription fees ❓
Affiliate programs ❓
Sponsorships ❓
Other ❓

I’ll go first with my two sites (continued)
Anyone seeing any traction of #buildinpublic on 🧵?
Up early on a Saturday flipping back and forth between building one project and trying to market another.

Anyone else managing multiple projects at very different stages. How do you balance time?

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One of the coolest parts of developing in the AI space is a small change in a model or prompt can yield better results quickly.

We have changed our cocktail image generation. Give it a test and see what you think. We believe the new API is creating more accurate and higher definition images.

Here’s the first cocktail with the new Image Generation…

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Today’s accomplishment. Given our revenue I can say we are officially the cheapest bar in town :)

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Checked at the perfect time

We officially have 10k new cocktails created for all the world to enjoy

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Thanks again to the #buildinpublic community for supporting an AI application that does not involve talking to a PDF 🤣
🚨We are 10 cocktails away from 10,000 AI Generated Cocktail Recipes. 🍸

What type of cocktail do you think # 10,000 will be?
What’s a tool or technology everyone else seems to know about but you don’t? No judgement will be passed. 👨‍⚖️

I’ll start. @Replit , no idea what it’s really used for in place of.

How about you #buildinpublic community?
A big milestone coming up soon. Thanks to the #buildinpublic community for continued motivation and inspiration.…
Closing in on the big 10,000 AI cocktails. Might need to ask @BarGPT for a cocktail to celebrate!
Trying this one again, maybe I picked the wrong day to ask. #buildinpublic…
Any #buildinpublic friends ever take an app built with @nextjs and try to turn it into a mobile app with @reactnative ?

What was your experience?
Any #buildinpublic friends ever take an app built with @nextjs and try to turn it into a mobile app with @reactnative ?

What was your experience?
🚨 Link Alert

You can have AI create your own themed cocktails and get a link back to your site.

Hey fellow site owners and content creators. Did you know with BarGPT premium you can link your AI cocktail creations back to your site or blog?

For the past 10 years I've had the same laptop, and I was stubborn and cheap so I didn't upgrade until yesterday. I feel about 5x more productive on this new machine. #buildinpublic friends - learn from my mistakes, invest in yourself.
Hey #buildinpublic friends who have a ‘day job’?

How much do you talk about your side hustles at your primary job? All the time? Or is a super secret?
Any @vercel / @nextjs devs done the switch from page to app router? Did my first project with page and now trying app router. Honestly, struggling a bit to understand the value. What’s your take?

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Hey @tailwindcss community? What tools do you use to accelerate development of new pages or templates?

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Weekend feature drop. This is what happens in a quiet Saturday.

🚨 Another new feature.

Now premium users can BOTH limit new cocktails to the ingredients in their personal bar AND get a list of previously created cocktails that they have the ingredients on had to make.

Go give it a try.
Created a simple website to track our projects. Not much on there yet. What information would you find interesting #buildinpublic friends?
Just got a pretty big update of BarGPT pushed out in time for the weekend(our busiest time). Feels good.

What are you planning for the weekend #indiedevs ?

Just made some nice size changes to @BarGPT:

* Improved navigation to browse existing cocktails.
* Human Approved indicator for cocktails people have tried out.
* We now require user's to login to create new cocktails (but not to browse the 9000+ we have)
Anyone have a recommendation for a tool/service to add an affiliate program to a SaaS site?

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