Resolution: Twitter API v2 is useless for sign in with twitter. You should do the the logic: User please enter your email, send verification email, resend if they haven't received it, mark that email verified. Three days all providers to sign in are ready πŸ’ƒπŸ«’ #buildinpublic
I am working on small background editor component. #javascript #buildinpublic
Whar are you working on today ?
Does anyone have an idea ? Why in 2022 there are still marketplaces that don’t provide recurring payments? Exploring marketplaces for wordpress plugins shows that all the most popular +- the same. No Monthly recurring payments. For example #codecanyon .
I try to develop a lightweight html editor as a small component.
If you needed a framework-agnostic library for building WYSIWYG editor I would recommend… #buildinpublic
Hello everyone πŸ‘‹. I try to share my journey in #buildinpublic.
Right now I am working πŸ‘©β€πŸ”§ on a small system that keeps all templates for documents πŸ“” and emails πŸ“§ in one place πŸ“‚.