These two weeks, couldn't make any meaningful progress on #POSHTUI app.

Felt like an imposter, was seriously stack and unable to make any progress to what seemed like just a technical issue.

As it turns out, current version is not usable and here is why:

I'm back and coding #POSHTUI project again.

My wife's hospitalization took a toll on my productivity. I had a backlog of things to resolve before I could continue with this project again.

#POSHTUI bi-weekly update is live. It's a TUI Documentation Browser for Ruby developers that I work on in my spare time.

Here is a list of improvements that got delivered with this update:
- Docsets downloader
- Homebrew integration
- Debounce action

It's a common advise in indie hacking, to avoid unfamiliar technology and build with something you know best.

I have completely broken this rule for #POSHTUI.

But Copilot and ChatGPT help me fill the void off uncertainty faster than ever before possible.

I present you – "quick and dirty" docsets downloader.

There are so many features missing here, but it will do for now.

Let's move on to more exciting features…

#POSHTUI update:

It turns out, that distributing binary + assets through homebrew is pretty hard.

Putting all my effort this week to build docsets downloader. Then entire distribution will be just a binary.
It turns out, that those free credits that AWS gives to startups expire if you don't use them or don't have time to "catch up" with AWS employee.

Less than 3 months have passed. They even wiped out my account completely.

#POSHTUI #buildinpublic
#POSHTUI: Personal updates, interface mocks.

A lot of life changes in a last couple of months. But eventually those should yield more time to work on this project.

Latest interface mock #buildinpublic, #glow
#buildinpublic week 10: progress report for #POSHTUI

Gem is done. TUI client actively in the works!…
@verbove Is that a view from outside of building? You are #buildinpublic in reality?;-)
When started #poshtui project, I was not exactly sure if I can pull it off. And I did fail first couple attempts...

But now, rdoc-markdown gem is close to stable and CLI app is coming along nicely.

There is zero doubt, that I can deliver it at this point!

Finally, all critical quirks in markdown rendering for rdoc-markdown gem are resolved!

Testing every possible rendering issue is grueling.

Moving on to writing TUI client with a peace of mind! Finally, some #golang!

POSH TUI - API documentation browser as TUI -week 8 report published.

"slow, but steady, progress"


Added some affiliate links into emails for free users of Interesting if it will yield any additional income!

Anyone knows any good affiliate programs that fit RSS reader to email service?


I have published week 6 progress update about POSH TUI app.

Post could be found here:

Thank you, AWS.

I'll use these credits to distribute docsets for POSH TUI.

Finished 0.3 version of rdoc-markdown gem!

Library that generates documentation for ruby and libraries in Markdown format.…

Would greatly appreciate feedback!

POSH TUI: week 4 progress update. #buildinpublic

The last two weeks have not been very productive, due to personal issues. But there is still good news to share.

- rdoc-markdown gem first working version is live
- dedicated project website…
As a reminder for myself for next week: start using affiliate links for ad spaces.

Premium packages are not selling at all. Need to experiment more with alternative monetization strategies.

This week is really busy, relocating my family from Thailand to Netherlands.

But feel good about progress with rdoc-markdown gem. Still experimental, but very clear already how to build it (was completely blocked a week ago).…

There's a lot of to be desired from Fastmail UX.

I ported one of Chrome Extensions into Firefox to improve their UX. This is the best one I've found \m/

You can find it here:…

original by @yohasebe 🤝
#BuildInPublic, #webextesion…
I need @Superhuman-like tools that work with @Fastmail.