Hey @sainteclectic, thank you, we're really inspired by the educational threads you bring to Solana folks.
We're gonna launch a public alpha soon and would be honored to have a short edu-crypto podcast episode with you. Just give us a try, please🫡 🎧 😊

#Solana #buildinpublic
Do u remember 3CAST has soulbound NFTs?
It's sort of an avatar and u can't trade it 💸 It's more like reputation or experience: every listen counts, and users get visual achievements 😜

This is the "9 hours of crypto trading podcasts listened" skin 🤑😂

#Solana #buildinpublic
⚡Hey fam, just wanna let u know that we're working our asses off, and we got OUR FIRST TX ON DEVNET sent and confirmed 🤓😎…

#Solana #NFTs #buildinpublic