Gm #buildinpublic

Drinking a coffee and let's go build. ☕
Hey team #buildinpublic. Got a question for you,

How long do you spend building your MVP? I mean, from originated idea to first release.
Gm Builders,

What's your current project ? #buildinpublic
Hey #buildinpublic friends,

What are your favourite tools to build your projects?
I thought about how I can reorganise my twitter and decided to reorient this account as following:

- Less tweet about web3 / blockchain
- More tweet about commodities / entrepreneurship / business & #buildinpublic
- Make 1 thread a week
Gm #buildinpublic

What are you building right now?
⚠️ WIP ⚠️
First attempts for my landing page.

Any feedback from #buildinpublic community?
Will probably share with you progress of my landing page tomorrow

As an employee, I need to find time for my side-project. I decided to wake up at 4am daily and work 2-3h before starting my daily job.

Freaking good option as I'm working on something I really enjoy + warm up for the rest of my day.

Still having a good run on #buildinpublic !

Miss one day because I was on a roadtrip.
GM everybody!

What are you building today? What's your #buildinpublic plans?
For my side:

1. I'll start working on my landing page and maybe release it by the end of week ?
2. Keep posting about web3 and #buildinpublic
3. Enjoying holidays 🏝️

Thinking about posting some news about gold investment. Are you interested? Or should I only post about dev and #buildinpublic ?
Hey #buildinpublic team!

Tell me what's you are building today and share your project in comment 👇
Everyone in #buildinpublic seems to be building AI SaaS.

I prefer to continue focusing on blockchain technology.
Will start working on landing page today. #buildinpublic
Anybody building a web3 project in public ? #buildinpublic
I genuinely prefer coding, as design isn't my strongest skill.

What are your thoughts on this?

#buildinpublic #web3